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Searching for a new and fresh way to share the story at your christingle events?
We can help!

Welcome to One Way UK

This is the start of your adventure into using puppets and creative ministries to share the Gospel in a fun, exciting and engaging way. It is an incredibly powerful tool to reach and connect with children from just a few months old to children over 100 years old, whether that's in churches, at toddler sessions, in community groups, schools or your online content too. The truth is that anyone of any age or background can relate to and engage with puppets. We have seen first hand the difference puppet ministry can make, building confidence in young people and transforming lives too.

At One Way UK we don't just provide resources and training, we're here to help you get started and support you along the journey, as you build your team and discover for yourself, the true potential of puppetry... So what are you waiting for?

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