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Welcome to Creative Ministries

This is the start of the journey into using puppets and creative ministries to share the Gospel in a fun, exciting and engaging way. It is an incredibly powerful tool to reach and connect with children from just a few months old to children over 100 years old, whether in church, at mid-week clubs, Messy Church or leading school assemblies to name but a few. The truth is that anyone of any age or background can relate to and engage with puppets. We have seen first hand the difference puppet ministry can make, building confidence in young people and transforming lives too.

At One Way UK we don't just provide resources and training, we are here to help you get started and support you along the journey, as you build your team and discover for yourself, the true potential of puppetry...

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The primary aim and purpose of most people who use puppets in a faith setting is to share the incredible news of Jesus. Puppets are non threatening and you can share your message in a fun and interactive way that children and adults will not only listen and be engaged with, but remember too! Many people who use puppets in this way have said "the puppets can get away with saying things that we can't!" They can be funny, but they can also speak the truth in a very simple and direct way. Through using puppets and being part of a team, young people are more committed to staying and being involved with the church, even bringing their friends along to rehearsals and then to church!

where are puppets used?

Puppets are already in use across the country in a huge variety of ways, including...

Church Services
Youth & Kids Min
Media Ministry
School Assemblies
Tots & Family groups
Local Community & Care homes

Puppet ministry is changing lives

Absolutely not!

Puppets can speak powerfully to anyone of any age. They are not just something to fill in a gap for the kids or to break up a sermon or talk.

Yes, kids love the puppets but so do people of all ages. Just watch the audience when the puppets are on stage and you will see everyone is engaging with them. When we first started with our own team we were leading 20+ school assemblies each year, now we are taking the puppets into our local care homes over 20 times a year. Especially at Christmas, but at other times too, the residents, often with dementia, will sing along to the music whether it is Christmas carols or puppet Dame Vera singing we’ll meet again or meeting Elvis in person! The carers and family are all amazed at the transformation the puppets make to those watching and joining in.

It's all about using the right resources. If you would like to hear more about using puppets across the generations, complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and we would love to share our ideas with you!


Puppets in Care Homes

So... are you ready to start your adventure?

We would love to answer any questions you have, use the form below to get in touch with us!